Why Do You Need MCPD Certification

Published: 08th February 2010
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What do you mean by MCPD Certification?

The Microsoft certified professional developer (MCPD) certificate is required in order to validate your professional skills. Anyone can claim that they have the right set of skills but to make sure you need to have one of these certificates. Programming skills in Microsoft visual studio and Microsoft .NET are required in many jobs. So, if you are able to have these set of skills with the MCPD certification, you would be able to make it through the interview very easily.

Why do you need MCPD?

The hiring company would be looking for a reliable recruit and this MCPD certification would make their work easy. This will provide them an unbiased indicator that you are capable of what you claim to know. This certification is respected around the world and if you have it, then it means you got it. So, when you have to work your way through all the basics and develop your skills at the same time then you got to have this certificate. This will also allow you to upgrade to new skills as the business needs development.

There are a set of skills that are necessary to deploy, construct, initiate and operate applications efficiently with the help of Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft visual studio. These set of skills are validated by the MCPD certifications. This would require you to have experience in relevant field and a realization that you will stay up to date to the technologies and their best practices.

The Microsoft certification would validate your experience in the relevant field and with the usage of Microsoft products and solutions. This certification would help you to improve your set of skills when the market is fast and changing. You would need up upgradation all the time but it is necessary to know that there are basics that always leads the way.

I would like to share training resources regarding 70-649 and 70-272. These are highly recommended for IT certifications preparation.

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