Importance of adobe Photoshop certification cs3 for designers:

Published: 04th February 2010
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If you ask a person a field of work that he would like to be in, many would say that it would be to design something and create things based on it. Everyone loves to create something or the other by using their creativity. One of the professions that requires person to be very creative at his job is the job of designing . One of the most important software which aids a person in trying out his creative works is the Adobe Photoshop. It is very famous among designers around the world and many companies have made it compulsory for its designers to have a certification in it.

Adobe has introduced adobe Photoshop cs3 certification for designers which would standardize the quality of designers using Photoshop software. On having this certification, it confirms that the person has the ability to use Photoshop software in an effective manner. To attend the exam a person has to pay about 10$ and if the person hasn't passed the exam, he should pay about 5$ to rewrite the test. The test would have about 40 questions with multiple choice answers and one has to answer these questions within 40 minutes. The certification ensures that the person has the knowledge to use the various color schemes of the software which are very essential while creating the designs. One would gain the knowledge of how to edit videos of designs, make videos of images and would also be able to present the 2D and 3D form of various deigns.

When a designer has this certification, he would be having opportunities in various companies like both construction and manufacturing companies. He would also have oppurtunities in various industries such as a news paper industry which uses this software and would require one to have certification in it to be selected for the post of a designer.

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